Panasonic AY-DVM63PQUS

Part Number: AY-DVM63PQUS

Panasonic AY-DVM63PQUS
  • Panasonic AY-DVM63PQUS




Mini DV/HDV Run Time 63 Minutes
Tape Size Small Cassette

Panasonic 63 Minute Professional Quality Mini DV Tape: AY-DVM63PQUS

Panasonic now introduces the PQ US series of Mini DV tapes. Made specifically for the US, the new Professional Quality series offers enhanced reliability and durability, along with a new soft case and ABS resin cassette. All these changes make these Panasonic tapes perfect for your mini dv needs.

AME (Advanced Metal Evaporation) technology makes the tape more durable and offers high reliability. The ABS resin cassette shell of the 63PQ prevents warping and makes the tape impact resistant. Combine the ABS resin shell and AME technology and this tape offers high durability and extra rugged properties.

The DVM63PQ US has an anti-static lid to keep away dust and grime that may interfere and cause dropouts. The tape is also equipped with a sliding lock mechanism to prevent against accidental erasure. With the new PQUS series Panasonic has re-created the case to be more user friendly and protective of the tape and footage inside. The new 2-way soft case opens two different ways and allows for easy removal with one hand while shooting. The new case also won't break if dropped.


  • 63 Minutes
  • ABS resin cassette shell
  • 2-way soft case
  • Anti-static lid
  • Also available in 83 minute length
  • Also called AY-DVM63PQUS, 63PQUS, and DVM63PQUS

  • TOL Part #: VP-DVM63PQUS
  • Manufacturer's Part #: AY-DVM63PQUS
  • Model: AY-DVM63PQUS
  • Product ID: 2321

Love these tapes

Greg - 07/28/14

PROS: Very reliable Excellent quality CONS: None USAGE: I've recorded training sessions, plays and musicals

Panasonic DV From

Big Win - 06/23/14

PROS: Quick delivery! High quality playback with no noise! CONS: None USAGE: Google

Better than Sony tapes

Gil - 11/11/12

PROS: work great without gumming up camera. CONS: none that I can think of. THOUGHTS: I used to use Sony tapes (my camera is a Sony) but they always gummed the camera heads. I switched to Panasonic and have not had anyu problems since. USAGE: To record a wedding.

Great service

John - 12/12/11

PROS: Love the soft plastic cases CONS: None THOUGHTS: Keep the cost down USAGE: Taping sports and family events

Great Tapes & Great Service

Curt - 11/28/11

PROS: -Fair Price -Available for Pickup -Impeccable Service -Friendly Staff CONS: N/A THOUGHTS: has been a supplier of my blank media for several years. I appreciate that I can call in an order and 20 minutes later, pick up the items. USAGE: Filming HD video of several country music stars and a music video in Auburn, Alabama.

Excellent and reliable

B - 07/12/11

PROS: Reliable and dependable - price is right CONS: The 83 min length is better suited for my needs, but the price is substantially higher for those few extra minutes - would be nice to adjust that THOUGHTS: Would be great to be able to pick up product directly since address is blocks from my facility to save time and shipping costs USAGE: Live production

The Best

Richard - 07/07/11

PROS: Next day delivery, quality products!! CONS: N/A THOUGHTS: You guys do a wonderful job. USAGE: For taping a local TV show

Panasonic Tape

Henry - 05/25/11

PROS: Excellent packaging, great quality, CONS: None THOUGHTS: Never any dropouts when recording. USAGE: Recording live performances, no chance for re-takes.

Good price for these tapes

Alan - 05/23/11

PROS: Fast shipping and great price for these miniDV tapes CONS: Looks like they are being replaced by the longer 83 min tapes, but the price for these still makes them more economical

Great Service

John - 05/04/11

PROS: Best service I have ever received online. I could understand the sales person, they were most helpful. Delivery was on time as well as tracking info provided. CONS: None THOUGHTS: TapeOnline is on the top of my list for future orders. USAGE: Used tapes for an all day (video) shoot. Tape performed as expected, we are currently editing videos.

Great tape

Danny - 04/20/11

PROS: works well with my HDV camcorder CONS: none yet USAGE: Taping hawk nest. Recording a church service. And just some other general taping.

panasonixc tape

Tim - 04/19/11

PROS: good price on tape so far very reliable. CONS: none

Great product, fast shipping.

Jason - 02/23/11

PROS: Great tape @ a great price. CONS: Nope!