Panasonic AY-DVM80EJ

Part Number: AY-DVM80EJ

Panasonic AY-DVM80EJ
  • Panasonic AY-DVM80EJ




Mini DV/HDV Run Time 80 Minutes
Tape Size Small Cassette

NOTE: TapeOnline will no longer be carrying the DVM80EJ tapes after current stock is depleted. Item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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Panasonic 80 Minute Mini DV Tape - AY-DVM80EJ

AYDVM80EJ, also called 80EJ or DVM80EJ, from Panasonic is perfect to use in a variety of Mini DV camcorders like Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC, and more. This MiniDV tape features Diamond-like carbon coated thin film which decreases the friction of the tape and increases performance. This consumer DVC mini dv tape records 80 minutes in Standard Play (SP) mode and 120 minutes in Long Play (LP) mode.

  • TOL Part #: VPC-AY-DVM80
  • Manufacturer's Part #: AY-DVM80EJ
  • Model: AY-DVM80EJ
  • Product ID: 1781