Panasonic 16GB F-Series P2 Card 16 GB

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  • Type: "F" Series
  • DVCPRO HD Run Time (100Mbps): 16 Minutes
  • DVCPRO HD 24p Run Time (100Mbps): 40 Minutes
  • DVCPRO 50 Run Time (50Mbps): 32 Minutes
  • DVCPRO Run Time (25Mbps): 64 Minutes
  • Transfer Rate: 1.2 Gbps
  • Capacity: 16 GB

ID: 3728



Panasonic - 16GB F-Series P2 Card - AJ-P2E016FG

Item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and limited quantities remain. Please call 877-893-8273 when ordering to check availability.

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Designed as an economical way to enjoy the P2 file based workflow, the "F" series 16GB card offers significant cost savings over the "A" series cards. With a faster transfer rate of 1.2Gbps, the "F" card will offer all of the features expected from a P2 card, but at a lower price point. Built with an aluminum diecast casing, P2 cards offer a durability that is superior to plastic cards.

The "F" series Panasonic P2 cards were designed for high reliability over a number of years. When used once daily at full capacity, the cards are reusable for up to five years and will last up to 10 years if used daily at half capacity. A notification will be given in the LCD screen on the camera or viewfinder, or the display on the recorder, when the card is approaching the end of its life cycle. Or, download the formatter software at the Panasonic site to keep track of the card's usable life cycle on a computer.

The "F" series card uses Multi Level Cell (MLC) NAND flash memory. In MLC NAND Flash Memory each cell holds two bits of data. While offering more data and reducing the unit per byte, it offers fewer overwrites and a shorter life cycle.


The "F" series 16GB card is fully compatible with all P2 HD camcorders, recorders and workflow tools. The AJ-PCD35, however, will require a firmware and driver upgrade that can be found here. The newer "F" series card still has the PCMCIA form factor to ensure compatibility between all existing P2 cameras, recorders and workflow tools as well as newer P2 products.

Reliability and Dependability

P2 cards from Panasonic offer resistance in extreme environments. P2 cards are impact, vibration, and shock-resistant and temperature changes nor environmental elements such as dust or debris will affect the P2 card's ability to function.

Use the Pansonic P2 card in conjunction with the FireStore Portable Recorder for increased storage. And, use the Maxell iVDR-Xtreme Hard Drive for rugged, on-the-go footage backup and transport.

Advantages of P2 Technology:

  • Compatibility with all major NLEs and servers
  • Storage for all P2 frame rates and formats: HD, SD, HD/50/25, and AVC-Intra 100/50
  • Instant access - 30,000 times insertion/ejection

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ID: 3728 BRAND: Panasonic PART NUMBER: AJ-P2E016FG Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Panasonic
Product Type P2 Cards
Model 16GB F-Series P2 Card
Part Number AJ-P2E016FG
Type "F" Series
DVCPRO HD Run Time (100Mbps) 16 Minutes
DVCPRO HD 24p Run Time (100Mbps) 40 Minutes
DVCPRO 50 Run Time (50Mbps) 32 Minutes
DVCPRO Run Time (25Mbps) 64 Minutes
Transfer Rate 1.2 Gbps
Capacity 16 GB

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