Polar Pro Aqua3+ Series Red Filter for HERO3

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Polar Pro
  • Compatibility: HERO3 Only

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Polar Pro Aqua3+ Series Red Filter for HERO3

The Aqua3+ Red Filter for the GoPro Hero3 is Polar Pro's newest and most effective color correction formula yet. All the data inputs from previous red filters have been improved upon even further. The new Aqua Red filter produces deep blue hues and vibrant tropical reef colors which pop right off the screen. The Aqua red color corrects flawlessly in Tropical and Blue waters from 10 to 80 feet. The New Aqua3+ Red Filter also got a structural makeover by adding more protection to the glass lens, making it much more durable. The filter will securely slide onto the HERO3 waterproof housing and can be installed and removed in less than a second. The pressure fit is very snug but, just in case, a tether is included to prevent loss.

A red filter is the perfect tool for filming underwater with a GoPro camera. The GoPro's AWB (its "brain") records colors below 10 ft. incorrectly due to red light loss. The acrylic red filter helps it to properly capture vibrant, sharp colors in underwater recording. Without a filter video footage will appear too blue or too green.

NOTE: This filter is not compatible with the HERO3+ camera. Red filter for HERO3+ is also available here.

ID: 5194 BRAND: Polar Pro PART NUMBER: P1009 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Polar Pro
Product Type GoPro Cameras and Accessories
Model Aqua3+ Series Red Filter for HERO3
Part Number P1009
Compatibility HERO3 Only

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