Polar Pro Filter/Accessory Case

Part Number: ACSRY-20

Filter/Accessory Case
  • Filter/Accessory Case
  • Filter/Accessory Case




Polar Pro GoPro Filter/Accessory Case

This case from Polar Pro is perfect for protecting your GoPro filters and accessories while filming or on-the-go. Designed to hold 3 filters (including one oversized compartment for the Switchblade), it will also store/protect microphones, batteries, memory cards, or even a naked GoPro HERO camera. The soft case was made small enough to carry or toss in a backpack. This is a great case to keep your favorite accessories organized and quickly accessible.

  • TOL Part #: ACSRY-20
  • Manufacturer's Part #: ACSRY-20
  • Model: Filter/Accessory Case
  • Product ID: 5864
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