Polyline Ultra Slim Double DVD

Part Number: DVS212C-200

Polyline Ultra Slim Double DVD
  • Polyline Ultra Slim Double DVD




Color Clear
Capacity 2 Discs
Case Type Slim DVD Case

Polyline Ultra-Slim Double DVD Case- Clear

Ultra slim double DVD cases are slimmer than typical thin cases but still holds two CDs or DVDs . Full crystal-clear sleeve makes displaying your artwork in true color possible. Lift up hub makes removing and replacing discs easy- a click tells you whether the disc is on or off. Case also snaps closed letting you know the discs are secure and the slim DVD box is closed.


  • Saves storage space: Ultra slim design is thinner than a standard thin DVD case
  • Durable: Made from 100% virgin polypropylene
  • Compatible with Ace Slim DVD Case insert 31022-C

  • TOL Part #: CP-DVTUS212C
  • Manufacturer's Part #: DVS212C-200
  • Model: Ultra Slim Double DVD
  • Product ID: 506

Not clear enough yellow tint

Jennifer - 12/05/11

PROS: Slim for 2,dvdvs CONS: Yellow appearance USAGE: Dvd production