Prime Memory SD/CF/Battery Hard Case

Part Number: SDCASE-R

SD/CF/Battery Hard Case
  • SD/CF/Battery Hard Case
  • SD/CF/Battery Hard Case




Capacity 8 SD, 4 CF, or 2 Lithium Ion batteries
Color Black with Blue Trim
Card Compatibility SD / CF / Battery

Prime Memory Water and Shock Resistant SD/CF/Battery Hard Case

This rugged case from Prime Memory is designed to protect your memory cards and/or spare batteries from impact and inclement weather. Water and shock resistant, it can withstand many demanding applications and rough environments. Holds 8 SDHC / SDXC memory cards, 4 Compact Flash (CF) cards, or 2 Lithium Ion batteries (1-3/4" x 1-3/8" size). Use it to carry and protect your spare memory as well as back up batteries, such as the GoPro HERO3 rechargeable batteries.

  • TOL Part #: SDCASE-R
  • Manufacturer's Part #: SDCASE-R
  • Model: SD/CF/Battery Hard Case
  • Product ID: 4711
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