Pro-Tapes Pro-Lighter Highlighter Tape Refill - Yellow


Pro-Lighter Highlighter Tape Refill - Yellow
  • Pro-Lighter Highlighter Tape Refill - Yellow




Dimensions 3/4" x 36 yards

Pro-Lighter Highlighter Tape - Yellow Refill

This is a roll of refill tape for your Pro-Lighter Highlighter Tape dispenser. Highlighter tape comes in pink, yellow, and green. Pink refills and Green refill rolls also available.

Pro-Lighter tape is a removable, transparent, writable tape for highlighting manufactured by Pro-Tapes. Use it to highlight/take notes in your library books, plan a route on a map, or mark information on blueprints/floor layouts without leaving any sticky residue or damaging your printed materials. Ink will never transfer through Pro-Lighter to the page, even when writing with a marker! This tape can also easily be used to categorize items or words by color.

Use it in conjunction with our Super Jewel Box Rubber Stamp/Die cases to categorize and label your crafting supplies!

  • 3/4" wide
  • 36 yards long

  • Manufacturer's Part #: PROLIGHTERFLYELLOW-REFILL
  • Model: Pro-Lighter Highlighter Tape Refill - Yellow
  • Product ID: 4225
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