Pro-Tapes Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch Red

Part Number: Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch Red

Pro-Tapes Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch Red
  • Pro-Tapes Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch Red




Color Red
Width 2 Inch
Length 55 Yards

Pro-Tapes Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch Red Gaff Tape

Pro-Gaffer™ gaffers tape is for use in many applications. From wire/carpet hold down, gaffing lights, color coding or marking boxes to splicing floors or bundling wires, this tape is the right choice! This is high strength vinyl coated cloth tape featuring a matte finish and a high performance rubber based adhesive system. Pro-Gaffers tape is water resistant, abrasion resistant, and has a smooth controlled unwind.

Available in many colors, this gaff tape can match and conform easily to irregular surfaces. Pro-Tapes gaffers tape is hand tearable and resists tears and punctures.

Case Quantity = 24 rolls

  • TOL Part #: PRO-RED2
  • Manufacturer's Part #: Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch Red
  • Model: Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch Red
  • Product ID: 2165

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