Rip-Tie EconoCinch-EG - Black 5 Inches - 20 Ties

Part Number: K-05-GET-BK

EconoCinch-EG - Black 5 Inches - 20 Ties
  • EconoCinch-EG - Black 5 Inches - 20 Ties




Color Black
Width 0.75 Inches
Length 5 Inches
Type EconoCinch-EG
Count Per Pack 20 Ties

5" Black EconoCinch-EG 20-Pack - K-05-GET-BK

Rip-Tie EconoCinch velcro cable ties can be attached with a metal fastener to walls, carts, equipment racks, van interiors, and more. Attach tie permanently with solid brass grommet with an ID of 1/4".

Non-metallic buckle is safe to use around electrical equipment without causing short circuits, or around computers with no fear of demagnetizing disks.

EconoCinch-EG is built to last, and good for at least 2000 re-fastenings. These ties are handsewn by humans, not heat bonded by a machine. Each tie is 5" long, and 3/4" wide.

  • TOL Part #: K-05-GET-BK
  • Manufacturer's Part #: K-05-GET-BK
  • Model: 5" Black EconoCinch-EG - 20-Pack
  • Product ID: 4253
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