Rip-Tie CableCatch - Black 8 Inches - 50 Ties

Part Number: C-08-050

Rip-Tie CableCatch - Black 8 Inches - 50 Ties
  • Rip-Tie CableCatch - Black 8 Inches - 50 Ties




Color Black
Width 1 Inch
Length 8 Inches
Bundling Diameter 3.25 Inches
Type CableCatch
Count Per Pack 50 Ties

RipTie - CableCatch Black 8" - C-08-050

The CableCatch from Riptie allows you to bundle your cables, and anchor them along a surface to keep them stable and out of the way. The back of the cable catch is lined with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive that securely attaches to desks, walls, or racks.

The CableCatch Ripties bundle with "soft hold", which keeps the integrity of the cable in tact.

Easy to remove, just one pull of the CableCatch tab and you are free to rearrange as needed.

Reusable and environmentally friendly, you can, the Cable Catch is suited for up to 10,000 release cycles.

  • TOL Part #: C-08-050
  • Manufacturer's Part #: C-08-050
  • Model: CableCatch 8 Inch 50 Pack
  • Product ID: 3425