Rocstor Rocpro 900e - Red - 4TB - 7200rpm

Part Number: G269Q2-R1

Rocstor Rocpro 900e - Red - 4TB - 7200rpm
  • Rocstor Rocpro 900e - Red - 4TB - 7200rpm
  • Rocstor Rocpro 900e - Red - 4TB - 7200rpm




Capacity 4 TB
Interface USB 3.0 / FireWire 400 / FireWire 800
Spindle Speed 7200RPM
Warranty 2 Years
Power Internal Power Supply

Rocstor - Rocpro 900e Red 7200rpm 4TB External Hard Drive - G269Q2-R1

The Rocpro 900e Red 4TB External Hard Drive from Rocstor is assembled in the United States to ensure quality for the demanding needs of audio and video professionals. This model is equipped with a 4TB HDD, but the 900e line can support SSDs or 3.5" HDDs. The case is made from recycled aluminum and can be easily stacked, or mounted vertically to fit your storage requirements. The recycle aluminum aloy and built in shock absorbing mechanism makes the enclosure rugged, durable, and heat dissipating. The built in power supply keeps operation cool and quiet, and this drive can be used with Mac or PC environments with no cumbersome software installation required.

The power supply built into the Rocpro line is Auto-Switchable 240VA/100VA which means they can easily be used internationally. In addition, the cables used for the Rocpros are just standard computer cables, so no need to bring specialty cables with you on the road.

The Rocpros also ship with the pictured carrying case!

  • TOL Part #: G269Q2-R1
  • Manufacturer's Part #: G269Q2-R1
  • Model: Rocpro 900e - Red - 4TB - 7200rpm
  • Product ID: 5498