RODE SC7 TRRS Patch Cable

Part Number: SC7

SC7 TRRS Patch Cable
  • SC7 TRRS Patch Cable
  • SC7 TRRS Patch Cable




Interface 3.5mm TRS to TRRS

RODE SC7 TRRS Patch Cable for VideoMic GO

The SC7 is a high-quality shielded patch cable, designed to allow RODE mics such as VideoMic GO and VideoMicro to connect to TRRS compatible devices such as the iPhone or iPad.

The gold-plated contacts are colour coded, with grey indicating the TRRS output. The cable is colour matched to the red TRS to TRS cable that is supplied with the VideoMic GO, and is easily fitted by inserting the TRS (black) jack into the rear of the microphone and the TRRS end (grey) into the smartphone or tablet.

  • 20g
  • 30mm H x 10mm W x 170mm D

  • TOL Part #: SC7
  • Manufacturer's Part #: SC7
  • Model: SC7 TRRS Patch Cable
  • Product ID: 5581
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