Seagate 4TB Desktop HDD

Part Number: ST4000DM000

Seagate 4TB Desktop HDD
  • Seagate 4TB Desktop HDD




Capacity 4 TB
Cache 64 MB
Interface Serial ATA
Form Factor 3.5 Inches
Cache 64 MB
Capacity 4 TB
Interface Serial ATA (SATA)

Seagate 4TB Desktop HDD - ST4000DM000

Seagate's new Desktop HDD.15 drives are designed to meet your increased storage needs, with 4TB of capacity and a 64MB cache. With 1TB-per-disk hard drive technology, these Seagate internal hard drives allow you to double your capacity and drive down costs, without sacrificing any performance. Seagate DiskWizard™ software makes the transition to larger capacities painless, allowing users to install 3TB and 4TB hard drives in Windows (including XP) without UEFI BIOS. This free software provides a way for users to effectively utilize all 4TB of space on your Seagate drive.

  • SATA 6Gb/s interface optimizes burst performance
  • Seagate AcuTrac™ servo technology maintains dependable performance, even with hard drive track widths of only 75 nanometers
  • Opticache™ technology boosts overall performance by up to 45%
  • 70% or more of the materials used to build Desktop HDDs drives are recyclable
  • Low power consumption
  • Compatible with both Mac OS and Windows systems

  • TOL Part #: ST4000DM000
  • Manufacturer's Part #: ST4000DM000
  • Model: 4TB Desktop HDD
  • Product ID: 4734