Setwear HotHand Gloves - Size L

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Part Number: SHH-05-010

HotHand Gloves - Size M
  • HotHand Gloves - Size M


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Color Black
Material Leather
Size L
Product Type Lighting

Setwear - HotHand Gloves Size L - SHH-05-010

Setwear HotHand gloves are an excellent choice for professionals who work in lighting, rigging, or any profession where hot surfaces are a risk. HotHand gloves are made of leather, and have extra leather wrapped around areas that are most susceptible to wear and danger. The palms, tops, and thumbs are insulated.


  • Made of 100% Heat Resistant Genuine Leather
  • Designed with pinched finger tips
  • Reinforced second layer of heat resistant leather on palm and key areas
  • Extended cuff for extra protection
  • Use Size Chart to determine your size

  • TOL Part #: SHH-05-010
  • Manufacturer's Part #: SHH-05-010
  • Model: HotHand Gloves - Size L
  • Product ID: 3590