Shining Technology CitiDISK HD Firewire - 320GB Drive

Part Number: FW1256HD-320

Shining Technology CitiDISK HD Firewire - 320GB Drive
  • Shining Technology CitiDISK HD Firewire - 320GB Drive




Capacity 320 GB
Media Type Hard Drive
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 5.625 Inches
Weight .63 lbs.
Interface FireWire (IEEE 1394)

CitiDISK HD FireWire with 320GB Drive

CitiDISK HD FireWire records DVCPRO footage directly to disk through a FireWire connection to your camera. A digital video recorder, CitiDISK HD is capable of recording DVCRPO, DVCPRO50, and DVCPRO HD footage without the need for P2 or tape. CitiDISK HD also acts as an external hard drive when attached to your computer for instant editing of your footage. With 500GB of storage, massive amounts of footage can be recorded to this device.

Records with or without Tape
Record video to tape/P2 and to CitiDISK at the same time by pressing your camera's record button. Just want to record to CitiDISK? Press the record button on the CitiDISK HD device.

Continuous Buffering
CitiDISK HD is continuously recording footage even when you're not. This buffering ensures instant recording and helps avoid the loss of important footage when you press the record button.

Quicktime, AVI, and Canopus AVI2 Support
The CitiDISK HD allows you to record directly to MOV, AVI or AVI2 file formats for instant editing in all the major NLE systems. (P2 MXF support available in a future firmware release.)

Review Last Scene or Browse History
Pressing the QPLAY button on CitiDISK HD views your last scene through the camera's viewfinder. Hold QPLAY for 3 seconds to browse all previous clips. Currently DVCPRO HD playback is not possible in the camera viewfinder, but will be available in a future firmware release.

Archive/Backup from Tape
CitiDISK HD can record footage from tape when played back in your camera's VCR mode. Footage from tape is transfered directly to CitiDISK HD in MOV or AVI2 formats. (MXF format available in a future firmware release.)

Instant Editing
When plugged into your computer, CitiDISK HD appears as an external FireWire hard drive allowing you to instantly edit the footage on your CitiDISK drive.

Rugged Yet Lightweight
CitiDISK HD weighs in at 10 ounces with an embedded high-capacity laptop computer hard drive. The inner shock absorption cushioning provides maximum protection against vibration and bumps.

In the Box

  • One 1.5 meter 6-pin to 4-pin FireWire cable
  • CD containing programs, drivers, manual, and user guide
  • One external power adapter
  • One belt-clip configured carrying pouch

Approximate Total Recording Time:

  • DV/HDV Mode: 24.0 Hrs.
  • DVCPro50 Mode: 12.0 Hrs.
  • DVCProHD Mode: 6.0 Hrs.

Compatible Panasonic Cameras

  • HVX200
  • HDX900
  • AG-HPX170 (173 PAL)
  • AG-HPX300 (303 PAL)
  • AG-HPX500 (500 PAL)
  • AG-HPX200A, 200,220 (203 PAL)
  • HDX900
  • AG-DVC30(E), AG-DVC60(E), AG-AC160EJ

  • TOL Part #: FW1256HD-320
  • Manufacturer's Part #: FW1256HD-320
  • Model: CitiDISK HD Firewire - 320GB Drive
  • Product ID: 4992

Pretty Good

Abel - 07/08/14

PROS: Portable and cheaper than P2 cards for same capacity CONS: Fat32 file format THOUGHTS: Really could use updated and easy to follow instructions. USAGE: Connected to camera for extended location shooting