Shining Technology CitiDISK HDV FireWire - 750GB Drive

Part Number: FW1256H-750

Shining Technology CitiDISK HDV FireWire - 750GB Drive
  • Shining Technology CitiDISK HDV FireWire - 750GB Drive




Capacity 750 GB
Media Type Hard Drive
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 5.625 Inches
Weight .63 lbs.
Interface FireWire (IEEE 1394)

CitiDISK HDV FireWire - 750GB Drive

CitiDISK HDV is a digital video recorder that connects directly to your HDV/DV camera through FireWire. CitiDISK HDV is a complete tapeless video acquisition unit that records direct to hard drive. Normally, HDV video streams act the same as DV video streams are recorded onto tape (e.g., MiniDV tape). The tape is then rewound and played/transferred via the computer's Firewire ports before cutting, pasting and editing the video. So, for example, two hours of HDV or DV recording will take another two hours to re-capture (transfer). By using CitiDISK HDV, the recapturing process is eliminated because the HDV and DV streams are recorded simultaneously while the video is captured to tape. Use CitiDISK HDV instead of tape or at the same time as tape. Choose several file formats to record: .M2T, .MOV, .AVI, .DV, and more. CitiDISK plugs into your computer via FireWire for instant editing.

For Video Professionals

CitiDISK HDV is lightweight with a small form-factor. The recorder is rugged with large disk capacity for extra long recording sessions. CitiDISK is perfect for event videography.

Simple Archive Method

Archive your tape footage directly to CitiDISK HDV from your camera's VCR mode. Connect CitiDISK to your camera, press play on your camera then press the record button on CitiDISK HDV.

Camera Controlled Recording

Record your camera's HDV/DV stream direct to the CitiDISK drive with or without tape. The MPEG2 stream is stored as .M2T files. This allows CitiDISK to plug directly into your computer for instant editing.

Quick Play or Play All

Press the "QPLAY" button to view your last scene in the camera viewfinder or navigate previous clips by holding the "QPLAY" button down for three seconds. (HDV playback requires a camera firmware update.)

Instant Editing

CitiDISK HDV appears as an external FireWire hard drive when plugged into your computer allowing you to immediately edit the video on the disk. All of the video streams are pre-named while they are stored in the CitiDISK HDV unit. Users can then easily connect the CitiDISK DV unit to their computer, find those video files in designated folders and start performing whatever functions are needed immediately.

Lightweight & Shock Resistant

Weighing in at 10 ounces, CitiDisk has an internal shock absorption cushion for maximum protection.

Multiple Shooting Methods

Included is a belt clip pouch for storing CitiDISK on your hip or for extra battery storage. Optional mounts include V-Mount or Gold-Mount which fits at the back of broadcast cameras. A D-Tap connector is also available for power conversion.

Approximate Total Recording Time:

  • DV/HDV Mode: 58.0 Hrs.
  • DVCPro50 Mode: 29.0 Hrs.
  • DVCProHD Mode: 15.0 Hrs.

Compatible HDV & DV Cameras:

  • HDV: Sony FX1, Z1U, Canon XL H1, JVC ProHD100
  • DV: Most of the DVCam, MiniDV, DV cameras

Compatible DVCPro, DVCPro50 & DVCProHD:

  • Panasonic

Best compatible cameras:

  • Panasonic HVX200, HDX900
  • AG-HPX170 (173 PAL)
  • AG-HPX300 (303 PAL)
  • AG-HPX500 (500 PAL)
  • AG-HPX200A, 200,220 (203 PAL)
  • HDX900
  • AG-DVC30(E), AG-DVC60(E), AG-AC160EJ

Included in the Box:

  • One 1.5 meter 6pin-4pin FireWire cable
  • CD containing programs, drivers, manual, and user guide
  • One external power adapter with reverse polarity plug
  • One belt-clip configured carrying pouch
  • 1 Year Warranty

  • TOL Part #: FW1256H-750
  • Manufacturer's Part #: FW1256H-750
  • Model: CitiDISK HDV FireWire - 750GB Drive
  • Product ID: 4990