Sony AM1PTB2A 2-Pack

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Part Number: AM1PTB2A

AM1PTB2A 2-Pack
  • AM1PTB2A 2-Pack


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Type Alkaline
Size D
Voltage 1.5 Volts
Count 2 Batteries

Sony Stamina Platinum D Battery- AM1PTB2A

The new Stamina Platinum batteries from Sony offer users supreme performance and lasting power. Sony improved these batteries and offered a higher density and precision technology. These advances offer extra power for the consumer.


  • D battery
  • Stamina Platinum
  • Alkaline
  • Superior performance

  • TOL Part #: BS-D
  • Manufacturer's Part #: AM1PTB2A
  • Model: AM1PTB2A 2-Pack
  • Product ID: 2306
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