Sony 6x BD-R White Inkjet Printable - 50 Discs

Part Number: 50BNR25AP6

Sony 6x BD-R White Inkjet Printable - 50 Discs
  • Sony 6x BD-R White Inkjet Printable - 50 Discs




Capacity 25 GB
Write Speed 6x
Case Type Spindle
Count 50 Discs
Surface White Inkjet Printable
Hub Hub Printable
Print Technology Inkjet
Disc Type Blu-ray
Surface White Inkjet Printable
Hub Hub Printable
Print Technology Inkjet
Count 50 Discs
Case Type Spindle

Sony 6x White Inkjet Hub Printable Blu-ray Discs - 25GB, Spindle of 50 (50BNR25AP6)

  • Speed: 6x
  • 25GB
  • Singe Layer
  • White inkjet hub printable surface
  • Compatible with inkjet disc printers
  • Spindle of 50
  • Write Once

New from Sony are the White Inkjet Hub Printable Blu-ray discs. Sony Blu-ray discs are compatible with a wide range of Sony products, as well as Blu-ray duplicators and publishers from Rimage and Microboards. Print directly on the Blu-ray disc using an inkjet disc printer for the ultimate in disc presentation.

Blu-ray discs also offer massive storage capacities. Each disc offers 25 Gigabytes of storage space- that's 5 times more than a DVD. These Blu-ray discs come bulk packaged in spindles of 50 and feature a hub printable white inkjet surface.

Sony Blu-ray discs feature a reformulated AccuCORE Technology.

  • AccuCORE: Delivers enhanced reliability and durability
  • Scratch Guard: Hard coating protects against scratches and prevents dust and stains
  • Archival Reliability: Reliable recording material design resists image corruption/deterioration has excellent storage characteristics
  • Stable Writing: The layers of a Sony Blu-ray disc provide the exact level of flatness that results in lower errors during recording/playback
  • Temperature Durability: The high precision structure of the disc is made to protect from warping- even during severe changes in temperature and humidity.

More on Blu-ray- check out our FAQ page .

  • TOL Part #: VSC-BDR25WIP
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 50BNR25AP6
  • Model: 50BNR25AP6
  • Product ID: 2371

Great Inkjet printable Blu-ray

Don - 12/03/12

PROS: They work. No rejects on my discmaker BR duplicator. Just ran over 200, sent them out to customers, and no problems! CONS: none

Works As Advertised

Andrew - 08/25/12

PROS: Burns reliably Smudge Resistant printing with Epson R1900 Good image quality CONS: None encountered yet THOUGHTS: Images/designs printed with an Epson R1900 turn out well, have not tested with other CD/DVD/Blu-ray printers. These are definitely not glossy (and, of course, are not advertised as such), though they do have a very slight sheen to them. I would still very much consider them a matte surface.