Part Number: BCT64SXLA

  • BCT-64SXLA




Run Time 64 Minutes
Tape Size Large Cassette

Sony 64 Minute Betacam SX Videotape:BCT-64SXLA

  • High quality 8-bit 4:2:2 digital recording.
  • Low error rate even after repeated uses.
  • Strong base film allows more tape in a given amount of space for increased recording capacity.
  • High-density magnetic particle packing and advanced calendering techniques create an optimal tape surface.
  • Ultra fine magnetic particles provide a high-output signal.
  • Perfectly suited for fast paced ENG acquisition even under the most punishing conditions.

  • TOL Part #: VSP-BCT-64SXLA
  • Manufacturer's Part #: BCT64SXLA
  • Model: BCT-64SXLA
  • Product ID: 1921
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