Sony 6x BD-R Logo Branded - 10 Discs

Part Number: 10BNR25RNS

Sony 6x BD-R Logo Branded - 10 Discs
  • Sony 6x BD-R Logo Branded - 10 Discs




Capacity 25 GB
Write Speed 6x
Case Type Spindle
Count 10 Discs
Surface Logo Branded

Sony 10-Pack 6x Write Once Blu-ray Disc - 25GB, Single Layer, 10BNR25RNS

  • Speed: 6x
  • Write once
  • Single Layer
  • 25GB
  • 10-Pack Spindle

Sony Blu-ray discs are ideal for high definition recording and playback. With AccuCORE technology, Sony BD-R discs are reliable and widely compatible with Sony products including VAIO desktops and notebooks, drives and home deck recorders. The BNR25R3H is perfect for storage because it offers 25 GB on one disc.

Sony's AccuCORE Technology has been enhanced for Blu-ray Media

  • AccuCORE: Offers enhanced reliability and durability
  • Scratch Guard: Hard coating keeps the disc protected from scratches and dust or debris
  • Archival Reliability: Reliable recording material design resists corruption and deterioration after long term storage.
  • Stable Writing: Disc layers are precisely flat, which results in lower errors during recording and playback
  • Temperature Durability: Structure of the disc made to prevent warping, even during severe temperature or humidity changes.

This product replaces the discontinued 5BNR25R3H 5-Pack of Sony Blu-ray discs.

  • TOL Part #: 10BNR25RNS
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 10BNR25RNS
  • Model: BD-R 6X Blu-ray 10-Pack
  • Product ID: 5250