Sony CDRW650HS for High Speed Drive

Part Number: CDRW650HS/V

Sony CDRW650HS for High Speed Drive
  • Sony CDRW650HS for High Speed Drive


Price Breaks
Min Max Price
1 4 $0.90
5 200000 $0.88


Capacity 650 MB
Write Speed 10x
Runtime 74 Minutes
Count 1 Disc
Packaging Jewel Case
Surface Logo Branded

Sony CD-RW for High Speed Drive in a jewel case- CDRW650HS/V

  • Sony Branded (Non-printable) High Speed disc
  • This is a High Speed (4X - 10X) CD ReWritable disc
  • Recording on this High Speed disc can only be done with recorders showing the High Speed CD ReWritable logo.
  • A CD-ROM, CD-R/RW or DVD-ROM drive that supports Multi-Read is needed to play this disc.
  • The capacity is 650 MB when the medium is recorded in the ISO 9660 Mode-1 format.
  • Replaces the CDRW650HS

  • TOL Part #: DS-CD-RW650HS
  • Manufacturer's Part #: CDRW650HS/V
  • Model: CDRW650HS for High Speed Drive
  • Product ID: 807

Excellent Price, Quick Shipping

garussolmbt - 09/13/11

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