Sony DL3CL

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Part Number: 0-27242-54244-0

Sony DL3CL
  • Sony DL3CL




Compatibility DLT
Number of Cleanings 20 Cleanings

Sony DLT Cleaning Tape- DL3CL

Sony will discontinue this product effective April 1, 2010.

The DLT cleaning cartridge III can be used with all DLT drives. Use this tape as necessary or when the "Use Cleaning Tape" tape lamp of the drive is lit. It will provide approximately 20 cleanings. Used for DLT drives: DLT2000, DLT2000XT, DLT4000, DLT7000, and DLT8000. This tape cannot be used with the DLT VS80 drive.

  • TOL Part #: DS-DL3CL
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 0-27242-54244-0
  • Model: DL3CL
  • Product ID: 827