Sony DLT VS1 160 GB

Part Number: DLTVS1160WW

Sony DLT VS1 160 GB
  • Sony DLT VS1 160 GB




Native Capacity 160 GB
Compressed Capactiy 320 GB
Generation DLT VS1

Sony DLT backup tape, DLTtape VS1, DLTVS1-160

VS series (Value Smart) series designed and priced for value mid-range servers. Sony partnered with Quantum, the linear tape drive market leader, to develop this media for the DLT VS160 drive.

Please cross-check capacities with your server type.

  • 160 GB Native / 320 GB Compressed (DLT VS4)
  • 80 GB Native / 160 GB Compressed (DLT VS160)
  • MFG # DLTVS1160WW
  • Transfer rate of up to 16 MB/s (8 MB/s native)
  • DLTSAGE WORM compatible
  • Metal particle tape (MP)
  • Ultra-thin coating technology, half as thick as in previous products

  • TOL Part #: DS-DLT-VS1
  • Manufacturer's Part #: DLTVS1160WW
  • Model: DLTtape VS1
  • Product ID: 831