Sony GW240S

Part Number: GW240S

Sony GW240S
  • Sony GW240S




Capacity 12 GB
Tape Size Small Cassette

Sony DTF Tape: GW240S

Item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and limited quantities remain. Please call 877-893-8273 when ordering to check availability.

The GW tape utilizes Sony's HDA (High Density Alloy) magnetic particles. Combined with an extremely fine and uniform surface protective layer, HDA enhances the DTF's archival charactertistics.

High-density packing of ultra-fine magentic particles, and a special calendering (compression and heat-added) treatment are brought together to produce a remarkably smooth surface, resulting in tapes with high output and a low error rate.

A high-performance lubricant protects the tape's surface, controls the friction index and maintains optimum tape-to-head contact. New production technology permits minimal tape shrinkage, reduces tape deformation over time, and allows for long term, precise, stable tracking.  Hence, the error rate remains low.

  • TOL Part #: DS-GW240S
  • Manufacturer's Part #: GW240S
  • Model: GW240S
  • Product ID: 855