Sony DVCAM IC Memory PDV-184ME/2

Part Number: PDV-184ME/2

Sony DVCAM IC Memory PDV-184ME/2
  • Sony DVCAM IC Memory PDV-184ME/2




Run Time 184 Minutes
Tape Size Standard Cassette
Memory IC Chip

Sony DVCAM with IC Memory Chip PDV-184ME/2 184 Minutes

  • The advanced evaporated tape from Sony makes 184 minute Digital video recording possible.
  • With a pure cobalt evaporated coating packing at high-density is possible.
  • DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) protective layer for extra durability.
  • New protective locking album case specifically designed for DVCAM cassettes.
  • Reducing tape shrinkage to one half that of consumer DV tape creates high dimensional precision for compatibility.
  • DVCAM format is the most compact professional digital recording media.
  • Standard DVCAM line-up consists of PDV-ME Series cassettes with built in 16 kilobit IC memory.

Includes ClipLink™ IC Chip

Sony's ClipLink™ system is a tool for improving editing efficiency. During shooting, videographers can indicate important clips for future editing by marking them with ClipLink™. Pressing a button on the camcorder records a small, still-frame picture of the scene onto the tape. Information about the clip such as reel number, scene number, take number, time code Mark-IN and Mark-OUT points, etc. is stored on a chip included with certain DVCAM and DV cassettes such as the model on this page.

NOTE: ClipLink™ equipped camcorders and editing equipment are required to take advantage of the ClipLink™ system.

  • TOL Part #: VSP-PDV-184ME
  • Manufacturer's Part #: PDV-184ME/2
  • Model: DVCAM IC Memory PDV-184ME/2
  • Product ID: 2027