Sony DVCAM PDV-124N/3 124 Minutes

Part Number: PDV-124N/3

Sony DVCAM PDV-124N/3 124 Minutes
  • Sony DVCAM PDV-124N/3 124 Minutes




Tape Size Standard Cassette
HDV/DV Run Time 186 Minutes
DVCAM Run Time 124 Minutes
Warranty 90 Days

Sony DVCAM PDV-124N/3 124 Minutes Videotape

Sony DVCAM tapes are a professional format for all applications. The tapes come in a rugged, locking album case and feature a Diamond-Like Carbon coating and Advance Metal Evaporated Technology to increase strength and durability. The Advance Metal Evaporated (AME) Technology makes the tape more durable and reduces the amount of dropouts.

The Diamond-Like Carbon coating makes the tape 30% stronger than consumer dv tape and more functional during Pause and Freeze Frame operations. Sony DVCAM tapes offer 50% less tape shrinkage than consumer dv tapes. This makes them ideal for long term storage and shooting in varied temperatures. Minimal shrinkage makes them more consistent in tracking and playback, and widely compatible with different machines.


  • 124 Minutes, Large Cassette
  • Rugged, locking album case
  • Advance Metal Evaporated (AME) Technology
  • Diamond-Like Carbon coating- Professional tape with wide machine-to-machine compatibility
  • No Chip. Does not include the ClipLinkTM chip.

  • TOL Part #: DVCAM-PDV-124N3
  • Manufacturer's Part #: PDV-124N/3
  • Model: DVCAM PDV-124N/3 124 Minutes
  • Product ID: 2772