Sony 2.8 GB DVD-R Camcorder Mini DVD - 3 Discs

Part Number: 3DMR60DSR1HC

2.8 GB DVD-R Camcorder Mini DVD - 3 Discs
  • 2.8 GB DVD-R Camcorder Mini DVD - 3 Discs




Capacity 2.8 GB
Write Ability Write once
SD Run Time 60 Minutes
Print Technology Non-Printable
Surface Logo Branded
Count 3 Discs
Packaging Jewel Case
Format DVD-R

Sony Handycam 8cm DVD-R - 3 Pack - 3DMR60DSR1HC

Sony's mini 8cm DVD-R discs provide 60 minutes of standard video, 40 minutes of high quality video, or 120 minutes in long-play mode. These discs can be used in camcorders and devices compatible with 8cm discs.

AccuCORE scratch guard technology is 100x more scratch resistant than standard discs. Also features advanced technology to repel stains, dust and fingerprints for excellent archival reliability.

This product is a pack containing three Sony 8cm DVD-R DMR60DSR1H discs.


  • 60 minutes (30 minutes per side)
  • 2.8 Gigabytes

  • TOL Part #: 3DMR60DSR1HC
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 3DMR60DSR1HC
  • Model: 8cm Mini Camcorder DVD-R Handycam - 3 Pack
  • Product ID: 4073
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