Sony 1.4 GB DVD-RW Camcorder Mini DVD - 3 Discs

Part Number: 3DMW30R2HC

1.4 GB DVD-RW Camcorder Mini DVD - 3 Discs
  • 1.4 GB DVD-RW Camcorder Mini DVD - 3 Discs




Capacity 1.4 GB
Write Ability Rewritable
Write Speed 2.4x
Print Technology Inkjet
Surface Logo Branded
Count 3 Discs
Packaging Jewel Case
Format DVD-RW

Sony - DVD-RW 3-pack DVD Handycam Rewritable Discs - 3DMW30R2HC

Create, capture, edit and archive home movies and digital photos, while storing and accessing data from one DVD-RW disc. A perfect companion to your DVD Handycam camcorder, the 3DMW30R2HC 8cm DVD-RW re-recordable discs capture all digital data brilliantly, and are large enough to hold oversized digital movie files. Store up to 1.4 GB of information or 30 minutes of video. These recordable DVDs feature AccuCORE technology which is 100x more scratch resistant than standard discs.

  • TOL Part #: 3DMW30R2H
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 3DMW30R2HC
  • Model: DVD-RW Rewritable DVD Handycam 3 pack
  • Product ID: 3687
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