Sony 16x DVD-R Logo Branded - 50 Discs

Part Number: 50DMR47SP

Sony 16x DVD-R Logo Branded - 50 Discs
  • Sony 16x DVD-R Logo Branded - 50 Discs




Print Technology Non-Printable
Write Speed 16x
Surface Logo Branded
Packaging Spindle
Count 50 Discs
Capacity 4.7 GB

Sony DVD-R 16X 50 Disc Spindle - 50DMR47SP

Replacement for Sony item number 50DMR47RS4.

Sony DVD media comes 50 discs to a spindle. Each blank Sony DVD-R disc can store up to 4.7GB of data or 120 minutes of MPEG2 video. Sony DVD-R media is a great cost-effective way to store your videos and data safely without fear of accidentally erasing your files.

Sony AccuCORE technology provides additional archival reliability, protecting your discs from temperature changes, scratches, dust, and fingerprints. These DVD-R are compatible with various types of drives and recorders, featuring stable writing capabilities even at maximum speeds.

DVD-R discs can be written to once and are great for backing up or archiving large amounts of data such as photo collections, home movies, or important documents.

Sony DVD-R discs burn at a range of 1X to 16X.

  • TOL Part #: 50DMR47SP
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 50DMR47SP
  • Model: DVD-R 16X 50 Disc Spindle
  • Product ID: 4086

Sony DVD-R

Scott - 10/10/13

PROS: Reasonable Price right amount of Discs CONS: None THOUGHTS: I would use this product again USAGE: For videogrpahy