Sony P6-120HMPX

Part Number: P6120HMPX/5

  • P6-120HMPX




Run Time 120 Minutes

Sony 120 Minute Metal Particle Hi8 Videotape: P6-120HMPX

  • Hi 8 HMPX metal particle tape features high-power magnetic particles in a new dropout-resistant binder packed at a high density with special alignment.
  • Stringent quality control results in a product capable of standing up to the riggers of editing.
  • Durable construction helps to maintain low dropouts, even after multiple passes and shuttle modes.
  • Perfect for the picture quality, durability, and reliability that is needed for professional applications.

  • TOL Part #: VSP-P6-120HMPX
  • Manufacturer's Part #: P6120HMPX/5
  • Model: P6-120HMPX
  • Product ID: 2009
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