Sony Ultrium LTO-4 Tape - LTX800G - LTX800G

Part Number: LTX800G

Sony Ultrium LTO-4 Tape - LTX800G - LTX800G
  • Sony Ultrium LTO-4 Tape - LTX800G - LTX800G




Native Capacity 800 GB
Compressed Capacity 1.6 TB
Transfer Rate 120 MB/s
Native Capacity 800GB
Compressed Capacity 1.6 TB
Native Transfer Rate 120 MB/s
Compressed Transfer Rate 240 MB/s

Sony LTO 4 Ultrium Tape: LTX 800G

Sony's LTO 4 tape (Linear Tape Open) media provides high reliability and durability. High-density recording and high ouput are achieved using a magnetic layer formed by ultra-thin coating technology. Precision tape manufacturing by Sony brings out the full potential of LTO for high reliability back-up.

Features of LTO4

  • Massive storage capacity is achieved by increasing recording tracks (LTO4: 896) utilizing a thinner and longer length tap
  • LTO 4 is manufactured with newly developed fine magnetic particles and a higher thermal stability binder. To maximize performance, an improved dispersing technology for finer magnetic particles was introduced.
  • LTO 4 features a newly developed thin-layer coating technology and a smoother surface coating process. These allow the cartridge to have a low error rate and stable output under various operating conditions.
  • Stable magnetic servo signal writing technology and newly-developed high rigid and high-accuracy cartridge molding technology achieve stable write/read characteristics and offer the higher reliability required by data backup systems by.
  • 800GB native / 1.6TB compressed
  • Transfer rates of 120MB/s native and 240MB/s compressed

  • TOL Part #: DS-LTX800G
  • Manufacturer's Part #: LTX800G
  • Model: Ultrium LTO-4 Tape - LTX800G
  • Product ID: 865