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  • Sony DVM60PRR


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Mini DV/HDV Run Time 60 Minutes
Tape Size Small Cassette
Product Type Video Tape

Sony Mini DV Tape: DVM-60PRR - 60 Minutes

Sony mini dv tape, the DVM-60PRR, formerly the DVM60PRL, is our best selling MiniDV cassette. The Sony MiniDV tape is the Mini DV tape of choice and works with your minidv handycam . Sony DVC tape offers metal evaporated technology providing higher output and higher carrier-to-noise ratio. Offers 60 minutes of record time.

Sony Metal Evaporated Magnetic Layers have twice the remnant magnetic flux density of Metal Particle (MP) coatings, for higher performance, while the DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) protective layer improves durability of your Sony MiniDV tape. Sony Mini DV tapes DVC-60 tapes are also available with an IC memory chip.

We have a large variety of mini dv tape, including additional lengths, high definition, and other brands.

Key Features

Mini DV is a format that is used in both consumer and professional grade applications. The 60PRR is a consumer grade tape, which is afforably priced, and has proven it's reliability over the years. The 60PRR is the #1 Mini DV choice of TapeOnline customers. It can record both standard and high definition signals. This sony dvc tape works in your mini dv camcorder or handycam.

The Digital Master tapes are still recommended for the most demanding applications, because their dropout and error rates are incredibly low. For more casual use, we recommend the 60PRR.

Mini DV Lubricant

There are many conflicting reports on the effects of "Wet vs. Dry" lubricants in Mini DV tapes. For an in-depth explanation, check out Sony's article on the issue.

  • TOL Part #: VSC-DVM60PR
  • Manufacturer's Part #: DVM60PRR
  • Model: DVM60PRR
  • Product ID: 1855

use mini tapes

Helen - 05/24/14

PROS: Very consistent quality tape. Reasonably priced. CONS: None USAGE: We use these tapes in our video cameras to record programs which are then edited for tv Shows

Great product

Cheryl - 03/10/14

PROS: Price and quality CONS: None USAGE: Videotaping events

Tape delivers

Brenda - 03/10/14

PROS: Fast Service CONS: Cost of shipping.

Love the service

gordon - 11/27/13

PROS: Fast delivery, love the sugar babies

Great price quick shipment

Cheryl - 11/05/13

PROS: Low price USAGE: Various video projects


Two Rivers - 10/10/13

PROS: I will be ordering from you again!

DV tapes

Dave - 07/31/13

PROS: Great, fast service. Fair pricing. CONS: none THOUGHTS: I'll be back. USAGE: Teaching students on remote cameras.

Tapeonline is fast

Gordon - 07/08/13

PROS: Very quick and trouble free ordering. Got my order right on time as indicated. Thank you. CONS: None I can think of

Just what we wanted

Janet - 07/19/12

PROS: Best price for the product CONS: Very high shipping charge relative to the size of the package

On Time on Budget

Don - 07/16/12

PROS: Price CONS: SD Tape USAGE: Special Effects


Megan - 06/26/12

PROS: Never had problems with it. CONS: no problems

Sony - DVM60PRR Tape

Morris - 05/09/12

PROS: Good Price, Fast shipment/delivery CONS: None USAGE: Have not used at this point.

Tape Purchase

William - 04/30/12

PROS: Web site easy to navigate. Checkout was simple. Product was shipped on schedule and arrived in excellant condition. The price was very good. CONS: None USAGE: Underwater video

good enough

Robert - 03/06/12

PROS: no dropouts detected so far. CONS: none THOUGHTS: Since I do no reuse my tapes these are plenty good enough for 1 pass recording and playback/ capture USAGE: Freelance video work on a Sony Z1u.

Great transaction

Daryl - 02/14/12

PROS: Just what I needed! CONS: None.

Excellent As Usual

Carl - 02/02/12

PROS: Excellent product at a reasonable price CONS: Some dropout from time to time USAGE: HD Nature videography

Fantastic Product

rex - 01/18/12

PROS: 5 stars CONS: None THOUGHTS: Would purchase again. USAGE: Mini Camcorder

Great Product Great Price

Marck - 01/17/12

PROS: Delivered on time CONS: No Cons USAGE: Television show


Patrick - 12/13/11

PROS: The first time the tape is used it is very clear. A good working tape. Makes a good DVD! CONS: If you use more than once it seems to slip in quality. You can not re-tape over the tape. It pretty much once use and done. USAGE: I've used this product a ton in my coaching career. i use them to tape my high school games I coach. i use the tape to scout and send the copies of the tapes (made into DVD's)to college scouts too.

Smooth and easy.

Robin - 10/10/11

PROS: These tapes are the only ones I buy. Priced right and consistent. CONS: No cons.

Great mini-DV tape

Scott - 09/05/11

PROS: Great price, NEVER had a bad tape, reliable,great color reproduction CONS: no cons I can think of. THOUGHTS: I have used most other brands and have found the Sony tape to be the best, most reliable tape on the market. I have had 2 other brands have drop outs and creased tape. Sony has always been perfect. The great price makes it even better! USAGE: I have used Sony tape while filming weddings, short films, music videos and family home video.

Does the job

Richard - 08/11/11

PROS: Does what is expected, the price was excellent CONS: none

Small Quantity Producer

Robert - 07/07/11

PROS: I don't order a large volume of media storage products. However, when I do, my needs are probably critical. I've always received exactly the customer service and care that I expect from a professional outfit. I've not once been disappointed with the service and/or product offered by Tapeonline. You fit my requirements perfectly. CONS: The Sugar Babies were stale and melted. THOUGHTS: I work with many other media professionals and share my experiences with them. I believe that every customer counts and that's how I'm made to feel with Tapeonline. USAGE: For podcasts of religious education.

good job

DENISE - 07/05/11

PROS: Fast shipment CONS: non USAGE: Using it with teens and young adults to collect video histories of Elders.

Good stuff

Guy - 06/23/11

PROS: Good product at a great price. I use the DVM60PRR tapes all the time for both standard and HD recording and NEVER have a problem. I have probably shot over 300 of them. CONS: None THOUGHTS: Tapeonline always has these in stock and their price is always low in copmparison to the competition USAGE: Used the tapes to backup a multi-camera shoot

Total Satisfaction

Terry - 05/18/11

PROS: Quality of the product and lightning speed of standard shipping. CONS: none THOUGHTS: You're just a thoroughly professional company. USAGE: Recorded video on a recent vacation trip.

sony mini dv

harvey - 05/05/11

PROS: quality is excellent CONS: none THOUGHTS: product was delivered quickly and accurately USAGE: videos

express shipment

Colleen - 04/28/11

PROS: I know that I could get a better price but you express ship overnight & the service was great!!!! I needed these at the last minute and you followed through we the order. thank you. I will do business with your firm again. CONS: The price per tape was a little higher but you ship overnight express which makes up for the difference and the others were 1 to 3 business days delivery and that will not do when you need them now not after the event. Thank you again!


Judy A - 04/18/11

PROS: I have always used Sony tapes exclusively because I can rely on their top quality. Tapes Online also can be relied on to deliver quickly and accurately. And the prices are way lower than the local sellers. CONS: Nones

Good product. Fast delivery

Tom - 03/23/11

PROS: I have Canon xha1.I use those tapes for years without any dropouts. The best bang for the buck. Fast delivery + sweet treat. CONS: None THOUGHTS: None USAGE: Wedding videos.

Sony MiniDV tape

Cameron - 03/21/11

PROS: I have used this tape for several years (not the same tape!) and have never had a failure due to the tape. CONS: None. USAGE: Used for corecodings

Great service

Christopher - 03/11/11

PROS: good service CONS: none THOUGHTS: none USAGE: in my Cannon GL-2

Sony Mini-DV Tapes Premiere

BB - 02/24/11

PROS: quick delivery dependable product CONS: none

sony dv tape

Lance - 02/22/11

PROS: Service was excellent and price was ok. Shipping charge was same for 1 tape or 20. CONS: Nothing bad to say. THOUGHTS: Like the candy!! USAGE: Home movies.

BuyingSony DVC tape

Nhat - 02/15/11

PROS: Good Buying, good price,fast shipping CONS: No problem at all THOUGHTS: Will buy again in the future USAGE: shoot Video - Wedding, commercial etc..

MiniDV Tapestock

Bruce - 01/07/11

PROS: Good tape, very few problems CONS: Can't think of any cons USAGE: Location taping

Mini Digital

Steve - 12/03/10

PROS: Excellent price and prompt delivery CONS: None USAGE: Sports media gathering

MiniDV - The Trusty 'Ol Standby

Drew - 12/02/10

PROS: Cost effective. Good for having footage saved to tape. CONS: We have had some bad tapes in a batch or two. Tapes deteriorate over time so having footage backed up digitally to a hard drive is also advisable. USAGE: We shoot a lot. In our 7 years in business we have over 1000 raw footage tapes. Almost all of them are Sony mini-dv.

Very dependable and super cheap!

Jimmy - 11/09/10

PROS: This is the standard tape that I always use. I've been using it for years and it never fails. CONS: Nothing that I can think of. USAGE: I record all the high school football games with it.


- 12/01/16

I love this thing!