Sony HDM63VG

Part Number: HDM63VG

Sony HDM63VG
  • Sony HDM63VG




Mini DV/HDV Run Time 63 Minutes
Tape Size Small Cassette
DVCAM Run Time 41 Minutes

Sony 63 Minute Videographer Grade Mini DV/HDV Tape:  HDM63VG

This professional grade mini dv tape, the HDM63VG, offers high quality, reliable recording at a reasonable price. VG stands for "Videographer Grade." The VG tape is recommended for use with Sony Professional HDV camcorders and performs better than competitors in the DV/HDV category.

  • Fewer Dropouts- Fewer dropouts means fewer errors and a more stable tape. The 63VG tape also has improved picture quality.
  • Fewer Errors- Single layer AME-II tape technology provides a cleaner signal during playback.

Eligible for Sony Rewarding Recording!

The HDV63VG tape from Sony qualifies for 2.5% back in Sony Rewarding Recording dollars.

What Should You Know About Mini DV Tapes?

Mini DV tapes are metal evaporated video tapes for use in both consumer and professional recording environments. The format is favored because it is easy to use. Mini DV cameras are portable and lightweight, and Mini DV cassettes are an affordable choice.

This HDM63VG tape is designed to fill the quality gap between the DVM60PRR, which is a consumer-grade tape, and the 63DM Digital Master, which is designed for use in professional applications. Sony's 63VG formula results in 75% fewer dropouts and 40% fewer errors than the DVM60PRR.

Sony recommends that you run a cleaning tape every 50 hours of recording or playback.

Mini DV Lubricant

There are many conflicting reports on the effects of "Wet vs. Dry" lubricants in Mini DV tapes. For an in-depth explanation, check out Sony's article on the issue.

  • TOL Part #: VSC-HDM63VG
  • Manufacturer's Part #: HDM63VG
  • Model: HDM63VG
  • Product ID: 2211

Sony HD Tape

Doug - 02/24/14

PROS: Love it! Great performance!

Great Product

Megan - 05/14/12

PROS: very reliable CONS: a little pricy

A bit disapointed in the pix quality but maybe was set on regular instead of HD 1080..

Don - 12/05/11

PROS: **** CONS: ** USAGE: In a HD sony camcorder.

Sony HDM63VG

Jim - 12/05/11

PROS: Everything went problems. CONS: None

very good product

Phillip - 05/05/11

PROS: very good CONS: cost high USAGE: Wedding


Ramy - 03/08/11

PROS: hi quality 1440X1080 content CONS: nothing USAGE: record on sony Z1 camera

Tape is the cheapest part of the production - unless it doesn't work.

Bob - 01/07/11

PROS: I must have run a couple of hundred tapes through multople cameras, all recording Sony HDV format, and have NEVER had any problem - no drop outs, no failures, no glitches - and that's in snow, deserts, rainstorms, Indian sub-continent heat, and any other kid of weather. And because they come in smaller cases, I can actually carry enough stock in my carry on luggage to get me through 3 weeks or so of overseas documentary shooting. CONS: The small plastic cases sometimes crack, but when stored in the 5-tape boxes themselves, they can better withstand some of the travel stress. THOUGHTS: I had a hard time convincing myself that these tapes would work as well as the 3x more expensive Sony stock in the hard shell plastic cases, but I have actually had more problems (and that's not very many either, so...) with the more expensive stock. USAGE: Primarily we use these tapes when we travel overseas shooting docs, but more often than not now I am loading my cameras for music shoots and archival stuff in the USA. But I have used this stock as raw footage for network broadcast programs, too. A true find! If tape is the cheapest part of the production process, it's great to know it's also one of the most reliable.