Sony SDLT I 160 GB

Part Number: SDLT1320WW

Sony SDLT I 160 GB
  • Sony SDLT I 160 GB




Native Capacity 160 GB
Compressed Capacity 320 GB
Generation SDLT I

Sony SDLT 1 160GB/320GB SDLT1-320

Sony will discontinue this product effective April 1, 2010.

  • Sony Super DLT 160 GB Native / 320 GB Compressed
  • MFG #0-27242-62042-1

The SDLT platform achieves tremendous storage capacity by using MRC (Magento Resistive Cluster) heads for high data density recording.  However, this new head technology is so sensitive that it increases noise from the media along with output. To solve this problem, Sony has greatly reduced the spikes on the tape surface so the tape can run without generating surface noise.

  • TOL Part #: DS-SDLT1-320
  • Manufacturer's Part #: SDLT1320WW
  • Model: SDLT1320
  • Product ID: 897