Sony KCA-10BRS

Part Number: KCA10BRS

Sony KCA-10BRS
  • Sony KCA-10BRS


Price Breaks
Min Max Price
1 49 $10.92
50 200000 $10.77


Run Time 10 Minutes
Tape Size Large Cassette
Case Type Plastic Case

Sony 10 Minute U-matic Videotape: KCA10BRS

BRS series - VIVAX particles, crosslinked binder system, carbonmirror backcoating, and an anti-static shell make BRS an excellent choice for editing and duplication, as well as general corporate and educational use.

XBR series - For critical U-matic applications such as ENG/EFP and editing, XBR offers excellent picture quality and reliability, as reflected in its low dropout rate and reduced modulation noise.

KSP Series - U-matic SP system represents a new generation of U-matic performance, attaining sharper detail while avoiding the cross-color artifacts of conventional systems. To bring out the full potential of your U-matic SP equipment, insist on Sony KSP series videocassettes.

  • TOL Part #: VSP-KCA-10BRS
  • Manufacturer's Part #: KCA10BRS
  • Model: KCA-10BRS
  • Product ID: 1976