Sony T-60BA

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Part Number: T-60BA

Sony T-60BA
  • Sony T-60BA


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Min Max Price
1 39 $4.52
40 200000 $4.43


Run Time 60 Minutes
Case Type Plastic Case

Sony 60 Minute VHS Tape: T-60BA

  • "High Power VIVAX" magnetic particles yield exceptional tape performance in both S/N and chroma S/N.
  • With small particles a tape performs better.
  • Friction is reduced by Sony's DDL Binder system. Smooth running and reduced modulation noise is a direct result of the binder system.
  • Professional Grade VHS tapes are for camcorders, editing, multipass record/playback, duplicating, and program playback. Ideal for needs in the studio, educational institutions, or videography applications.

  • TOL Part #: VSP-T-60BA
  • Manufacturer's Part #: T-60BA
  • Model: T-60BA
  • Product ID: 2061