TDK 4x BD-R Logo Branded - 1 Disc

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Part Number: 49019

TDK 4x BD-R Logo Branded - 1 Disc
  • TDK 4x BD-R Logo Branded - 1 Disc


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Capacity 25 GB
Surface Logo Branded
Case Type Jewel Case
Count 1 Disc
Write Speed 4x

TDK Blu-ray 4x Write Once Blu-ray Disc- 25GB, Single Layer, BD-R25B

Item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and limited quantities remain. Please call 877-893-8273 when ordering to check availability.

In addition to TDK's other Blu-ray products they have added a new 4x write speed 25 Gigabyte disc. Utilizing next generation blue laser technology, BD-R discs enable large amounts of data to be stored on the same size disc as a DVD. Whether you're backing up large files or recording HD video, Blu-ray discs and TDK have you covered.

TDK Blu-ray discs utilize high-sensitivity inorganic recording material. The inorganic material is composed of copper and silicon, unlike that used in CDs or DVDs. TDK's CuSi recording material delivers remarkable long-lasting performance. The CuSi recording layer on the BD-R25B enables fast recording and playback speeds. By using a multilayering technique the discs offer massive storage capacities.

TDK Blu-ray discs feature Durabis 2 to protect the disc against scratches, resist smudges and fingerprints and repel grime to provide uninterrupted playback of the disc. TDK has pioneered the Durabis 2 hard coating to conform to Blu-ray specifications and also offer the most advanced hard coating for Blu-ray media.

Durabis 2 Hard Coating Benefits

  • Scratch Resistant: Durabis hard coating provides industry-leading scratch resistance for TDK BD-R discs. The discs are protected from scratches created by mishandling and wiping away grime. What would damage an untreated disc won't harm a TDK disc with the Durabis coating.
  • Resists Grime, Fingerprints, and Smudges: Durabis 2 protects the disc against fingerprints and smudges that may accumulate during normal day to day use. By keeping grime low, the disc will playback better and ensure the laser can correctly interact with the disc's recording layer.
  • Dust Resistant: Durabis 2 coating releases a static charge much faster than other media. This charge works faster to repel dust and other elements that may be attracted to the surface of the disc. Because the static charge keeps dust from collecting on the disc, the recording surface stays dust free and performs more reliably than a disc with dust and other debris on it.

More about Blu-ray- check out our Blu-ray FAQ page .

  • TOL Part #: VKP-BD-R25B
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 49019
  • Model: BD-R25B
  • Product ID: 2335