ThermalTake BlacX Duet SATA Docking Station - USB 3.0

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BlacX Duet SATA Docking Station
  • BlacX Duet SATA Docking Station


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Computer Interface USB 3.0
Docking Interface SATA II
Dock Count 2 Ports
Product Type Memory Accessories

ThermalTake BlacX Duet SATA Docking Station - ST0014UD

ThermalTake's BlacX Duet SATA Docking Station lets users attach two internal hard drives to their workstation through a convenient USB 3.0 interface. Internal hard drives can easily be dropped in and pulled out of the docking station. Once connected to the BlacX Duet, the drives show up just like any other hard drive and can be used the same way.

The blazing-fast USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interfaces enables users to transfer data up to 5.0 Gbps, 10 times faster than USB2.0. 

BlacX Duet accepts both 3.5" and 2.5" hard drives. That means both internal desktop and internal laptop drives can be access through this dock.

The internal hard drive docking system is also ideal for video production workflows. Entire projects can be contained to a single disk. Once a project is complete, the internal drive can easily be archived to shelf. If that project ever has to be reworked, the drive can be pulled off the shelf, retrieved from it's case, and dropped right back into the docking station for more work.

BlacX is Mac and PC compatible. PnP design allows users to start using the BlacX Duet in a few seconds; no software is needed. Simply plug it in and Windows or Max OS does the rest.

ThermalTake provides a 3 year warranty and complies with RoHS standards.

  • TOL Part #: ST0014UD
  • Manufacturer's Part #: ST0014UD
  • Model: BlacX Duet SATA Docking Station
  • Product ID: 2931