Tri-Optic LTO Cleaning Horizontal Label

Part Number: 1700-CNHU

LTO Cleaning Horizontal Label
  • LTO Cleaning Horizontal Label




Compatibility LTO Cleaning
Orientation Horizontal Label

Tri-Optic LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge Horizontal Barcode Label (Media ID L1), 1700-CNHU

Tri-Optic labels are the leader in media labeling. Tri-Optic provides high quality labels for all types of data tapes. From LTO to Data Center tape , Tri-Optic labels help organize your tape library. Sequential barcoding helps to keep your data cartridges in order and Tri-Optic labels provide just that.

1700-CNHU labels are horizontal barcode labels for your LTO cleaning cartridges. Sequence must begin with CLNU, and features the L1 media identifier.

CLNUxxL1 sequence.

  • TOL Part #: 1700-CNHU
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 1700-CNHU
  • Model: LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge Horizontal Barcode Label (CLNUxxL1)
  • Product ID: 4857
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