Verbatim 52x CD-R White Inkjet Printable - 50 Discs

Part Number: 94550

52x CD-R White Inkjet Printable - 50 Discs
  • 52x CD-R White Inkjet Printable - 50 Discs




Top Surface White Inkjet Printable
Write Speed 52x
Print Technology Inkjet
Hub Non-Hub Printable
Packaging Spindle
Count 50 Discs
Runtime 80 Minutes
Capacity 700 MB
Disc Type CD
Surface White Inkjet Printable
Hub Hub Printable
Print Technology Inkjet
Count 50 Discs
Case Type Spindle

Verbatim DigitalVinyl CD-R - 94550

DigitalVinyl discs offer the reliability and quality associated with Verbatim discs, with a retro 45rpm-inspired look. DigitalVinyl CDs are for those that want their disc to stand out. The 45rpm-inspired and white inkjet printable surface offers the look of a vintage record. These Verbatim discs offer 700MB of storage and a high quality white inkjet printable surface.


  • Snazzy "45-rpm-inspired" disc surface
  • 52x recording speed
  • High-Quality White Inkjet Surface

  • TOL Part #: 94550
  • Manufacturer's Part #: 94550
  • Model: White Inkjet Printable CD-R - Retro Digital Vinyl
  • Product ID: 3038
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