Verbatim DVD-RW Spindle

Part Number: VER95179

Verbatim DVD-RW Spindle
  • Verbatim DVD-RW Spindle




Capacity 4.7 GB
Packaging Spindle
Write Speed 2x
Count 30 Discs
Surface Logo Branded

Verbatim DVD-RW 2x - 95179


Verbatim DVD-RW discs are perfect for backing up and archiving! Each disc offers 4.7 GB of data backup or 120 minutes of video backup. These rewritable DVDs are compatible with writers from Sony, Pioneer, Apple, Panasonic and other major DVD-R/-RW drives.

Verbatim DVD-RW media features Super Eutectic Recording Layer (SERL) to minimize noise during the read/write cycle and also give the disc superior archival stability. The 95179 discs are read compatible with most DVD-ROM drives and DVD Video players.


  • Spindle of 30 discs
  • Branded (non-printable) surface
  • 2x recording speed
  • Archival for up to 4.7 Gigabytes or 120 minutes of data or video
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • TOL Part #: DV-DVD-RW2X~
  • Manufacturer's Part #: VER95179
  • Model: 95179
  • Product ID: 2364