Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL Double Layer Logo Branded - 1 Disc

Part Number: VER95014

2.4x DVD+R DL Double Layer Logo Branded - 1 Disc
  • 2.4x DVD+R DL Double Layer Logo Branded - 1 Disc


Price Breaks
Min Max Price
1 20 $2.32
21 200000 $2.30


Capacity 8.5 GB
Write Speed 2.4x
Packaging Jewel Case
Surface Logo Branded
Print Technology Non-Printable
Hub Non-Hub Printable
Count 1 Disc

Verbatim Double Layer DVD+R DL in a jewel case- 95014

For use only in DVD+R DL hardware

  • Double Layer
  • Capacity: 8.5 GB / 240 Minutes
  • Speed: 2.4X
  • Approved for up to 8X speed burning with compatible high speed DVD+R DL drives.

Two AZO Recording Layers on a single-sided disc. DVD+R Double Layer (DVD+R DL) nearly doubles the storage capacity on DVD recordable discs up to 8.5GB on a single side while maintaining compatibility with most DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives. Store up to 4 hours of DVD quality video on a single DVD+R DL disc.

Insertion of this disc into non-Double Layer recording hardware may result in damage to media/data. For optimal performance, check your drive manufacturer's website and apply the latest firmware.

  • TOL Part #: DV-DVD-RDL3PK
  • Manufacturer's Part #: VER95014
  • Model: DVD+R Double Layer
  • Product ID: 970
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