Pro-Tapes Pro-Gel Repair Tape - 1" x 36yd.

Part Number: PROGEL1

Pro-Tapes Pro-Gel Repair Tape - 1
  • Pro-Tapes Pro-Gel Repair Tape - 1




Dimensions 1" x 36 yards
Material Clear to the Core

Pro-Tapes Pro-Gel Clear Mylar Repair Tape 1"

Pro Clear Repair tape is an optically clear (clear to the core) polypropylene film coated with a non-yellowing acrylic adhesive, and comes in a roll 1" wide and 36 yards long.

Pro-Gel clear repair tape was specially designed with clarity and protective strength being of the utmost importance. However, its industrial strength, easy edge tear, solvent and split resistance, and superior abrasion resistance make it the ideal repair tape in many situations. Perfect for repairs to lighting gels on set. Maintains performance and optically clear appearance even when exposed to UV light.

Technical Specifications

  • Clear to the core
  • Service Temperature Range: -20°F to 180°F
  • Application Temperature Range: 20°F - 110°F

  • TOL Part #: PROGEL1
  • Manufacturer's Part #: PROGEL1
  • Model: Pro-Gel Repair Tape - 1" x 36yd.
  • Product ID: 4113