Pro-Tapes Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch Black

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Part Number: Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch Black

Pro-Tapes Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch Black
  • Pro-Tapes Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch Black


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Color Black
Width 2 Inch
Length 55 Yards

Pro-Tapes Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch Black Gaff Tape

This is high strength vinyl coated cloth tape featuring a matte finish and a high performance rubber based adhesive system. It can conform to irregular surfaces and is waterproof, abrasion resistant, and has a smooth controlled unwind.


  • Wire and carpet hold down
  • Gaffing Lights
  • Color coding, marking boxes
  • Splice floors
  • Bundling wires
  • Resists tears and punctures
  • Case Quantity= 24 rolls

  • TOL Part #: PRO-BLACK2
  • Manufacturer's Part #: Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch Black
  • Model: Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch Black
  • Product ID: 2163

Pro Gaff Tape

Wayne - 08/14/12

PROS: sticky on one side and not the other! It's Gaff tape what else is there to say? CONS: If there are no cons I don't understand why you have to put something in this box...


Bob - 01/08/11

PROS: Everybody as to have gaffers tape to produce anything, and you can find it (almost) everywhere. So, the only advantages (in my mind) that a vendor can offer are based around actual availability and price. When others are out of stock, T.O. has it - and at a price that I have not been able to beat anywhere. 'Nuff said. CONS: Like to have other colors rather than black, but.... USAGE: for everything - securing cables, fixing wardrobe, securing mics on both people and places, fixing broken tripods, holding splash pans on cars (seriously, unfortunately), and more


Dave - 12/10/10

PROS: arrived early, does what we need to do, no issues CONS: none that i can think of


Steve - 12/03/10

PROS: Better use for taping down cables and quite a large size available. CONS: Little costly compared to standard tape. USAGE: Pro cable management