Pro-Tapes Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch White

Part Number: Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch White

Pro-Tapes Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch White
  • Pro-Tapes Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch White




Color White
Width 2 Inch
Length 55 Yards

Pro-Tapes Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch White Gaff Tape

Pro-Gaffer™ gaffers tape from Pro-Tapes. This is high strength vinyl coated cloth tape featuring a matte finish and a high performance rubber based adhesive system. Conformable to irregular surfaces, this gaff tape is waterproof, abrasion resistant, hand tearable, and has a smooth controlled unwind.

Can be used for wire and carpet hold down, gaffing lights, color coding/box marking, splicing floors, and bundling wires.

  • 2 Inch, White Gaff Tape
  • 55 Yards Long
  • Case = 24 rolls

  • TOL Part #: PRO-WHITE2
  • Manufacturer's Part #: Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch White
  • Model: Pro-Gaffer 2 Inch White
  • Product ID: 2166

This is the stuff.

Ken - 05/12/13

PROS: Great product, I use the white because I can write on it, paint it, mark it up. Lots of uses, and never messes up anything I stick it to. Wish I could afford an entire rainbow. 2" size tears down easily to narrower widths by hand. CONS: If you use leave this product in place for a long time (labelled my circular saw case with it), it can/will dry out, and then it leaves a residue (easily cleaned). But that's on me, not on the product. This stuff is the best! USAGE: Stage, workshop, securing cables and cords, even labels